Industrial Capabilities:

  • Process Cooling
  • Process Chillers
  • Process Boilers
  • Air Dryers
  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Process Control Solutions

Industrial Capabilities

Power to the People

The Industrial Revolution that straddled the
beginning of the 20th century is an example of the best of human ingenuity. Manufacturing techniques and a ready workforce made the American economy the most powerful and robust in the world. As technology became more prolific and widespread, competition in the marketplace seized the day.

Manufacturing and technological ingenuity brought America successfully through two world wars and a depressed economy, but it wasn't until the latter quarter of last century that public awareness to safety and pollution brought about major changes In the way Americans do business. Because of impending government regulations created to protect the environment and the people who live in it, human creativity and ingenuity would be forced to heights never before seen.

From climate control to air flow to refrigeration and spot cooling, ATR has Industrial-strength solutions for industry itself. ATR provides design, installation and maintenance for a variety of large and small applications including environmentally, controlled chambers of all types. With Impeccable sevice to back them up. Regardless of the application, ATR has the knowledge and experience to design and build environmental conditions necessary in the research and development testing of products, specific temperature and relative humidity conditions for sensitive computer equipment, or massive HVAC applications in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and office complexes.

All applications are thoroughly researched and engineered to exacting specifications in order to provide our customers with the specific systems they need to produce their product or sevice in the most efficient and economical way possible.

Service, Above All

By emphasizing the design of the system. ATR is able to concentrate on variables such as delivery, air flow, noise reduction, and operating costs before the system is in place. This allows ATR to install the system light the first time, saving the customer money up front, as well as through long term use and maintenance.

ATR has experience in new construction as well as retro-fitting existing structures. We also provide direct digital control systems for all the environments we produce, allowing central or remote control of any facility or space. And we faithfully and promptly service everything we do (and the things we haven't done as well), 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you never feel stranded or alone. We are always there.