Make them comfortable. Feed them well. Keep them safe.

A lot goes into people maintenance. Everything from the heating and cooling of the space they fill, to the safe refrigeration of the food they eat, to the exacting specifications of the tools and equipment they use, requires a great deal of design engineering expertise.

ATR has designed, built and maintained refrigeration units and complete climate-controlled environments for schools, hospitals, churches, prisons, restaurants, catering halls, cafeterias, and all types of environments where people congregate, work, learn, heal, play, sleep, or are even held against their will.

Understanding what people need is key in developing systems to meet those needs. At ATR, we combine our years of experience with current technology and prompt, reliable 24-hour service in order to produce the most effective climate-controlled environments. Well designed, efficiently maintained environments tend to help people work better, eat better, enjoy themselves more, and it makes them easier to get along with.

Whether they like it or not.

We provide stable, reliable air quality and environmental control for Top 100 hospitals.